Well Spring is here and – It’s time for a “Spring Time Clean”…….

Well Spring is here and – It’s time for a “Spring Time Clean”…….

Well Spring is here, and we all need to do a Spring Clean of our office, laptop or desktop and accounts.

Well it may be time to do a little laptop or desktop clean up.

Deleting unwanted files from your hard drive maybe a start, and archiving key documents should also be part of the spring clean.

Make sure you have your data backed up securely or even saved to a cloud drive. This should be a must and done regularly, to ensure you don’t have your system crash.

And while you are at it, check for any software updates that may need to be actioned.

Clean up your email inbox and file your emails in the appropriate folders that you have set up.

Next it is time to do a little Accounting clean up.

We all have just finished our financial year, and now is the time to have a quick look at our accounts. Review your debtors and creditors.

Do you need to chase up some of your outstanding Debtors? Or do you need to engage in a debt collection agency. Do you need to review your payment term policies with some of your customers?

Check your creditor accounts, and do you still have any outstanding issues with your suppliers you still need to resolve? Can you renegotiate prices and terms with your suppliers?

What about an Administrative clean up?

Are you getting the best deal with your business or any other insurance?

Are you paying for subscriptions that are no longer needed, or just not working for you.

Is your advertising targeting the right person/people? Or do you need to review your advertising all together?

Do you need to engage a company to design a new website, or update your website? Thinking about maybe changing your logo, which means changes to your new business cards, letterhead, signage and website update.

And last and most important of all – how do I increase my sales and revenue? Have you updated your Business Plan? This is one of the most important tools you will need to be able to track and forecast your progression.

So, while the weather is becoming warmer, and the flowers are starting to blossom – remember – you to need to get out there and shine, so what is stopping you?

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